Real Estate

Real EstateOne of the defining characteristics of real property is that every real estate asset is unique. Whether it be the location, the size, or the design of a particular lot and its improvements, no two pieces of real estate are exactly alike. That fact, together with the substantial value of this asset class, is one of the reasons why it is important to rely on trustworthy, knowledgeable attorneys for all legal needs pertaining to your real property. Our law firm has decades of experience assisting individuals and business entities in a broad spectrum of residential and commercial real estate matters.
Landlord/Tenant Law

Landlord/tenant law involves the rights and obligations of landlords and tenants with regard to rental property. We counsel and represent landlords, tenants, and property managers regarding commercial and residential properties, in all phases of the landlord/tenant relationship, from negotiating the initial lease to addressing conflicts or questions that may arise during or after the lease term.

Real Estate Transactions

In our representation of real estate investors and developers, we have handled a variety of transactions, including sale and purchase agreements and lending transactions.

Real Property Litigation

We have handled many disputes pertaining to commercial and residential properties, including HOA disputes, buyer/seller conflicts, property line adjustment claims, conflicts between property managers and owners, premises liability claims, and a variety of conflicts among neighboring property owners.

Ownership and Title Issues

We can provide you with the needed legal expertise to assist with a deed transfer or title defect.

Construction Law

We have served as General Counsel to contractors, developers, and commercial property owners, providing assistance regarding legal compliance in many areas including contract review and negotiation, lien claims, real estate law, and licensing matters. We have also litigated many construction defect lawsuits, as well as other construction-related disputes, including breach of contract matters between owners and contractors and between contractors and their subcontractors – in both the residential and commercial contexts. Our strategy is to thoroughly investigate the relevant facts and law and provide the client with a “menu” of available options, including the estimated costs, risks, and potential benefits of each, so the client can make a fully-informed decision regarding how to proceed.

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