Business Law

Business LawBusinesses take great care in selecting their employees, knowing that they are an extension and reflection of the company itself. Your selection of legal counsel is similarly important; your attorneys should reflect your values and vision. At The Roth Law Firm, APLC, we view our client relationships as partnerships. That means:

  • We listen to our clients, and we listen carefully. Then we ask follow-up questions to ensure that we have fully understood your goals, interests, and fears, as well as the relevant facts.
  • We present and explain all available options, together with their related benefits, costs, risks, and timelines, so that you can confidently make a fully informed decision.

Business Law Practice Areas

Business Formation

We have formed hundreds of companies over the years and can help you choose the business entity model that best fits your situation. We handle entity registration and incorporation, preparation of the entity’s formational documents, and all other aspects of business formation. After forming your business, we continue to assist you with corporate compliance by maintaining the annual minutes and required state filings.

Contract Negotiation and Drafting

The process of drafting and negotiating a contract involves setting forth the key terms in a clear, unambiguous manner; identifying potential future disputes; crafting verbiage that will minimize the risk of conflict; and having a solid grasp of what terms are “fair” and/or “industry standard” in the particular context. For all of these components, the importance of experience and attention to detail cannot be overstated. The Roth Law Firm, APLC, has assisted literally hundreds of clients by writing contracts that secure and protect their rights and remedies.

Employment Contracts

We help clients draft key employment-related documents, such as employee handbooks, stock option agreements, executive employment contracts, arbitration programs, and confidentiality agreements. Both state and federal laws govern all of these documents. We represent both employers and employees, and our drafting seeks to meet our client’s needs while ensuring compliance with the law.

Employment Law

If you are a business owner, your employees are your most valuable asset. If you are an employee, your work represents much more than just a paycheck. Given the strong interests that both parties have in their relationship, we strive, in our representation of both employers and employees, to provide proactive, full-service counseling, compliance, and risk prevention strategies that foster long-term success for all concerned.

Collections and Judgment Enforcement

Collections and judgment enforcement is the process of recovering from uncooperative debtors who refuse to pay what they owe. Through persistence, creativity and tenacity, we assist our clients in securing the funds to which they are entitled.

Business Dissolution

When it is time to close your business, the dissolution of the entity and distribution of assets requires careful attention from lawyers to avoid your potential future liability. We guide you through this process, including the preparation of the required notices, minutes, certificates, and state filings, in order to ensure future peace of mind.

Business Disputes

Litigation is an unfortunate reality of doing business, but you can count on the litigators at the Roth Law Firm, APLC, to provide you with effective representation. Our approach is to thoroughly research the facts and law, fully advise you regarding the various procedural options, and persuasively argue your position to the mediator, arbitrator, judge, and/or jury. Again, because we believe in partnering with our clients, we keep you involved and informed at each stage of the process. We have represented a broad range of clients involved in disputes concerning many aspects of business and commercial operations, including mergers and acquisitions litigation, real estate litigation, insurance litigation, and fraud and breach of fiduciary duty litigation.

General Corporate Counsel

For more than 30 years, we have observed our clients grow from small business start-ups to established corporations competing in the national marketplace. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with clients through all phases of their business trajectory. We offer legal guidance and representation in a wide variety of areas for general and professional corporations, non-profit corporations, limited liability companies, and limited and general partnerships.

Construction Law

We have served as General Counsel to numerous contractors, developers and commercial property owners, providing assistance regarding legal compliance in many areas including contract review and negotiation, lien claims, real estate law, and licensing matters. We have also litigated many construction defect lawsuits, as well as other construction-related disputes, including breach of contract matters between owners and contractors and between contractors and their subcontractors –in both the residential and commercial contexts. Our strategy is to thoroughly investigate the relevant facts and law and provide the client with a “menu” of available options, including the estimated costs, risks, and potential benefits of each, so the client can make a fully-informed decision regarding how to proceed.

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