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Maritime Law

Maritime law is unlike most any other law in the US. There are special rules founded in the traditions and customs of both the United States and the United Kingdom. When issues facing mariners arise, it is always best to consult a maritime attorney.

Frequently the attorneys with The Roth Law Firm, APLC have been consulted or engaged after a land-based attorney has been involved because maritime law is not an area that can be practiced casually; rather, the maritime attorney must be committed to staying abreast of ongoing developments in the field.

Since the landmark maritime case of Lozano vs. City of Riviera Beach decided by the United States Supreme Court, the maritime legal community has been deeply divided over the nuances raised by that decision. The Roth Law Firm, APLC's experience in maritime law has enabled it to marshal Lozano and related decisions to protect the rights and remedies of its mariner clients.

The attorneys of The Roth Law Firm, APLC have helped mariners with legal issues related to yachting and recreational boating; representation of yachting industry professionals; and commercial fishing, workboats, and passenger vessels. These practice areas include the following legal issues:

  • Vessel Purchase and Sale Consulting
  • Brokerage Consulting and Representation
  • California Sales and Use Tax
  • Marine Finance and Lending
  • Marine Surveyor Representation
  • Maritime Liens and Mortgages
  • Maritime Litigation
  • Counsel for Vessel Buyers and Sellers
  • Marine Insurance Claims
  • Salvage Claims
  • Fishing Industry Representation
  • U.S. Coast Guard License Representation
  • Counsel for Vessel Buyers and Sellers
  • Contractual Arbitration