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The global marketplace is more accessible than ever before, and if you have embraced this new reality, The Roth Law Firm, APLC stands ready to assist you with cross-border transactions and regulations.

One of our attorneys is licensed to practice as a Solicitor in England and Wales and has the ability to obtain licensure in most other jurisdictions which follow the English Common Law legal system including Canada, Scotland, Northern Ireland, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Australia, and New Zealand.

Unlike the United States, many English Common Law jurisdictions license attorneys as Solicitors and Barristers, where the Solicitor represents the client directly, and the Barrister litigates the case. With licensed Solicitors, The Roth Law Firm, APLC can provide legal advice and has limited rights to litigate cases in England and Wales. If and when it is necessary, The Roth Law Firm, APLC partners with local Barristers to aid in trying cases.

The Roth Law Firm, APLC has professional relationships with a variety of law firms worldwide that can assist in most any type of legal matter.  ​