Business Law

The body of laws governing the formation, operation and governance of a business, whether in the public, non-profit or private sector, or whether an emerging or established business, is complex and confusing. These laws protect the competing interests of business owners, investors, consumers, the public, employers and employees.

The Roth Law Firm, APLC understands the excitement and anxiety associated with starting a new venture, as well as the challenges that business owners regularly experience. We assist our clients with a variety of legal issues, and we listen carefully before offering guidance. We also focus on integrating litigation avoidance strategies so as to minimize the risks and costs.

The Roth Law Firm, APLC offers legal services, counsel, and advice for companies and business owners. The firm provides contracts tailored to our clients’ unique needs. We are focused on providing agreements that serve both short- and long term-interests. A contract drafted by The Roth Law Firm, APLC can help avoid uncertainty, reduce risk, and provide clarity.


If you are just getting started, you likely need advice and information about the various types of business entities, which one is best for you, and what is involved in creating the entity.  We can assist you.


We can advise you about the legal risks associated with various business transactions, and can help you with contract drafting and negotiation.  Specifically, we can assist you with a variety of transactions including:

  • partnership agreements
  • LLC operating agreements
  • shareholder agreements
  • contracts for use with your clients or customers
  • confidentiality or non-compete agreements
  • employment agreements
  • sales agreements
  • license agreements
  • distribution agreements
  • consulting agreements
  • contractor agreements
  • lease agreements


Business owners must understand their exit strategy from the moment they begin doing business.  In the event of a death, disability, bankruptcy, a simple lack of desire to continue in the business, or other occurrence, what will happen to your business? We can help you with understanding the relevant issues and developing a written succession agreement that is appropriate for your particular business and circumstances.


Terminating a business relationship can be challenging for many reasons.  We understand the issues involved and can effectively assist you with reaching a fair resolution.

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